You can add more sections in the sections tab in the pop up editor. 

What sections are there?

  1. Header
    Input your own header text to best grab your customer’s attention, and adjust all the font styles necessary.
  2. Text
    Input your own description text below the header to best promote your offer, and adjust all the font styles necessary.
  3. Images Section
    Add images/GIFs to help customers visualize/understand what you’re promoting.
  4. Embed Videos
    Include YouTube videos to demonstrate how products work or marketing videos you’ve created to help customers see the value of what you’re trying to upsell them.
  5. Products
    Customize the outlook of your product e.g. product image sizes, custom texts, vendor display, quantity selector, variant options, price comparison, boarders, ribbon banner and even discount badges.
  6. Reject Button
    Customize the style and size of the button to fit your theme.
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