Welcome to RAID Funnels! Thank you for choosing us to be a partner in your Shopify store. We’re so excited to help you achieve the goals and dreams you have for your business.

Here at RAID, we understand how much effort and money you spend on marketing to get more traffic for your store. Now that people are coming to your store, you need to get them to convert, and that’s a whole other world of time and effort. 

That’s where we come in.

By the time you convert a customer into buying your products the profit you get goes back into investing into more marketing and the cycle repeats again leaving you with little profit and a whole lot of marketing cost. So how do we fix it?


The theory of Funnels have been around for decades. In physical stores you see them everywhere. Those little up-sells/cross-sells you see right before you make your check out. Even at McDonald’s they offer you a meal and upsizing the meal. So what is the value of having funnels

AOV (Average order value).

Studies have shown that it is a lot easier to increase a customer’s cart size than to get a customer to buy a product from your store, imagine a customer acquisition cost being $2 per customer, for you to only sell a product at $2.50, but if you can increase their cart size to $3, you earn twice the amount you did with each customer. That’s how funnels work. And that is why we believe it’s the key to changing your business.

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