At the top of the analytics page, you'll see a summary of your funnels' analytics to understand how well it's functioning.

Conversion Rate 

This is the percentage of people who entered the first pop-up and completed their checkout.

Conversion Rate = Total number of people who converted / Total number of people who saw the first pop-up

Average Order Value (AOV)

The AOV refers to the average amount spent (excluding shipping and taxes) each time a customer places an order through this funnel. 

 AOV = Total Order Revenue / Total Number Of Orders

AOV Increase

This refers to the number of times the AOV is increased because of this funnel.

AOV Increase = Total Order Revenue / Total Order Revenue without upsold products

Total Orders 

This tells you the number of orders that were checked out through this funnel.

Total Order Value

This refers to the total value of these orders that have been placed through this funnel.

Total Upsell Value

This refers to the total value of the upsold products.

Note: All order values exclude shipping and taxes.
Products that were added to cart outside of this funnel will not be included in the above calculations.

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