Our App is broken down into 5 different price plans.

  1. Free Tier

  2. Basic Tier

  3. Advanced Tier

  4. Premium Tier

  5. Enterprise Tier

All these tiers include

  • 1 multi step funnel 

  • Unlimited single step funnels  

  • Differing views/impressions

Add Ons

You can choose to increase the number of funnels you can create by adding more funnels.

*Our Basic Tier offers you 250 Views for free, so if you're a new store starting out, we want to help you succeed, by choosing our app we believe that it will enable you to grow your business and as your business grows we will scale with you in terms of more views/funnels


What counts as a view/impression?

An impression is recorded every time a popup is shown to a customer. If a funnel has several popups, each popup shown would count as 1 impression. For example, if a funnel contains 4 popups, and the customer sees 2 of these popups, 2 impressions would be recorded.

To keep your impressions low, Raid Funnels allows you to preview your funnel from within the app itself. This lets you test your funnel as many times as you like as you design your perfect funnel, ensuring that you only pay for impressions that count.

What counts as a single-step/multi-step funnel?

A single-step funnel is a funnel that only has 1 popup, while a multi-step funnel has more than one popup. All plans allow you to create as many 1-popup funnels as you like.

Can I cancel an add-on later?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to ensure that your existing funnels are within the limits of your new plan. For example, if you are removing the "5 Multi-Step Funnels" add-on, you will need to make sure you only have 1 multi-step funnel remaining in your account.

What happens when I run out of views/impressions?

Once you run out of your monthly impressions, your popups will no longer display on your store until your quota resets at the end of the month, or after you upgrade your plan.

How do I know how many impressions/multi-step funnels I have on my store?

You can find out how many impressions are consumed, as well as how many multi-step funnels you have by visiting the app dashboard. Your monthly quota is also displayed below each metric.

When do my Funnel impressions reset?

Your impressions will reset at the start of every month on the first day at 0000 hours UTC

What happens if I downgrade my plan? 

If your funnels have exceeded the number of impressions of the plan you intend to downgrade to, you will not be able to downgrade your plan till the following month.

In the case where you decide to downgrade your plan and you've not exceeded the impressions of the plan you intend to downgrade to, you will be pro rated. 

For more information on Shopify's billing, please refer to this document: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/your-account/manage-billing/your-invoice/apps

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